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Talisman of Death

FF11-CoverYOU become the hero of the world of Orb, abducted from Earth. You are no doughty adventurer, but a fantasy fiction fan who was chosen for your prowess in Fighting Fantasy books.

Kind of like The Last Starfighter, right?

The Gods who summoned you, have only one request: go home back to Earth, and take the Talisman with you so the bad guys can’t have it. You’re even handed the Talisman in the very first room. Of course, it would be a very short book if it were that easy. No such luck for you.


Review and Opinion

This one was pretty good. Not a favorite, but solid and amusing. I fought a dragon, evaded pursuits, befriended some hog-people, met a priestess, lost the Talisman and got it back with a band of thieves, and eventually saved the day. It was a good time.

FF11-Image1I didn’t even find any bugs in the book!

Interestingly, this adventure takes place not on Titan but the world of Orb, host of the Way Of The Tiger series in which you play a ninja.

One thing I never comment on is the illustrations. This one, though, had some top-notch pictures. There are dinosaurs, and cowled death-head guys, and a thief with a great 70s porno mustache and a fur. Isn’t he just awesome? Yeah, the pictures in this one were pretty good.







Written by Jamie Thomson and Ian Livingstone

Illustrated by Bob Harvey


Book 11 in the series


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1984 Bob Harvey Fighting Fantasy Ian Livingstone Jamie Thomson Orb

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First published December 11, 2015. Last updated May 19, 2023.