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Tag: Bob Harvey

Seas of Blood

December 13, 2021

YOU become one of the most feared pirates of the Inland Sea. But you want to be THE MOST feared pirate of the sea, so you and your rival Abdul the Butcher make a friendly wager. You’ll set off in your ships, and meet at the opposite end of the sea in fifty days, and […]

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Slaves of the Abyss

January 20, 2016

YOU become the hero of Kallamehr. Whole villages are being found desolate and abandoned, sometimes with signs of struggle but never any bodies or blood. The army is fighting off an invasion so it’s on you to get to the bottom of this mystery.   Review and Opinion Slaves of the Abyss is an epic […]

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Talisman of Death

December 11, 2015

YOU become the hero of the world of Orb, abducted from Earth. You are no doughty adventurer, but a fantasy fiction fan who was chosen for your prowess in Fighting Fantasy books. Kind of like The Last Starfighter, right? The Gods who summoned you, have only one request: go home back to Earth, and take […]

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Demons of the Deep

March 27, 2015

YOU become fish food, when your ship is attacked by pirates! Your crewmates are killed outright, but captain Smellybeard has a special treat for you… walking the plank. With a sword and a sack of food. You sink down to the city of R’lyeh, grow gills like in Dagon, and put into motion your plan […]

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