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Recent Adventures

Revisiting Battleblade Warrior

September 13, 2021

I’m taking a break from Lone Wolf for a bit, so I grabbed a random gamebook from my shelf… Battleblade Warrior I don’t remember this one at all, though according to my own website I played it back in 2018, and I wasn’t overly fond of it. Well, let’s try it today. The story opens […]

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Two Months Rescuing The Captives of Kaag

September 9, 2021

It’s been 2 months since my last post. I’ve been playing Lone Wolf 14, Captives of Kaag off and on. But honestly, I’ve not been enjoying it. That’s not news, if you’ve read my previous posts. Ive not enjoyed the LW books lately. I keep griping about the game balance being absurd. The Grand Master […]

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Plague Lords played out

July 16, 2021

So I spent a few more hours playing Plague Lords of Ruel some more, this time mapping it out. I wish I liked it more, but I admit I’m somewhat disappointed. The maps show that there’s not a lot of ground covered. Forest or caverns, either way is about 5 encounters before you land at […]

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Defeated the Plague Lords on the first try…

July 15, 2021

I’ve been out of it for a while, haven’t picked up a game book in some 6 weeks, having been occupied with other pursuits such as video games and summer outdoor stuff. I wanted my next adventure to be a good one, and it was: Lone Wolf 13, The Plague Lords of Ruel. It’s been […]

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Revisiting Curse of the Assassin

May 29, 2021

I picked up Curse of the Assassin on iPad back in 2016, and I really enjoyed it. So a few years later, a few months ago, I picked it up for Windows on Steam and played it all again. I must say, it’s just as good as it was 4 years ago. It develops You […]

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Is eating hobbits morally ambiguous? – Part 2

April 25, 2021

I am the mindless and hungry Creature of Havoc and yesterday was a weird day. While hunting tasty intruders to kill and eat, I came across two bottles of smoke. While I couldn’t eat then, they imbued free will and the language into me. It’s kind of a drag. I was happy just killing and […]

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Eden as an allegory, and hobbits are delicious – Part 1

I was half-joking in my previous post that it was my 100th playthrough of Creature of Havoc. By this point, I’ve played it over a dozen times and have mapped out what I believe to be everything up to meeting Darramous. But I’m still trying to really play through it and get that far honestly. […]

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Creature of Havoc, play number 100 I think

April 23, 2021

So, I’ve been playing Creature of Havoc for a few days now. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m still not entirely sure what I think so far. The story so far, is that I’m an armored, taloned abomination. I’m a killing machine crafted by wizards and dropped into a dungeon with random movement and […]

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The Call of that hideous worm thing that snapped my mind and drove me to an asylum

March 13, 2021

All righty, my second go at Choose Cthulhu 1: The Call of Cthulhu An epigrapher told me told me that the lettering on Wilcox’s bas relief, was reminiscent of Esquimaux writing. So I impulsively jumped onto a boat to Halifax, then on to Greenland. With some sweet-talking and money, I found a guide to take […]

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Call of the Giant Crab Monster

March 12, 2021

After over a year, I’m finally sitting down with my first Choose Cthulhu book: book 1, The Call of Cthulhu. My adventure was brief but terrifying. I saw a cult summon a giant tree monster, then visited a library. I was possessed with an urge to see the unexplored depths of the Pacific Ocean and […]

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Destroying the Masters of Darkness

March 7, 2021

I just finished Lone Wolf 12, Masters of Darkness in two evenings, on my first playthrough. I know, I’m just as baffled as you! It was a great time. It’s an epic-grade story again, with adventure on the seas, hijacking an airbeast, walking miles and miles, and of course defeating Darklord Gnaag and saving all […]

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Finished Prisoners of Time

February 20, 2021

I just finished playing Lone Wolf 11, the Prisoners of Time. It was a fun time, but not the best of them. Good: A very other-worldly feel, meeting cat people and brain-things and Kai itself. Hiking through the Nothing under psychic attack. Derivative: We’re in the Phantom Zone, plain and simple. Not great: Long spans […]

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Lone Wolf’s Escape From the Phantom Zone, Part 2

February 18, 2021

We continue with Lone Wolf 11, The Prisoners of Time. The first day was almost all exposition, and it boils down to these bullet points: The Lorestones are in Tolakos, a necropolis to the north. The Lorestones are also the key to the Shadow Gate back home, which is super convenient. The Shadow Gate is […]

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Lone Wolf’s Escape From the Phantom Zone, Part 1

February 16, 2021

I didn’t post at all about my recent playthrough of Lone Wolf 10, Dungeons of Torgar. I’ve been focusing more on the reading & playing, without the distraction of also writing about it. DoT was a quick and easy adventure, due to some good luck where I found the easiest path on my first time. […]

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Destruction of the Tower

January 3, 2021

I’ve played ToD a few more times, but since it’s the same tundra and ice castle as I’ve described a few times, I didn’t bother writing it up until I got some somewhere new. So, welcome! You’ve caught me mid-way through the adventure: I have just landed on an unguarded walkway on the Tower, and […]

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Tower vs Glass Cannon, Part 2

January 1, 2021

We continue my glass-cannon playthrough of Tower of Destruction. Why do I call it that? Because skill 11 / stamina 16 / luck 12 baby! The 11 is nice, but 16 means that I’m at best 8 hits from death. I’m winning fights, but I’m running out of food to keep patching myself back together. […]

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Tower vs Glass Cannon, Part 1

December 31, 2020

Yesterday’s “skill 7” playthrough was amusing and brief. But for real this time: let’s play Tower of Destruction. This time I rolled:   7 skill / 16 stamina / 12 luck  Not bad. A bit of a glass cannon, but maybe I’ll get a bit further this time. Again with the intro: fire and destruction, looting […]

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Snow Worm of Devourment

December 29, 2020

Let’s play another round of Tower of Destruction! I enjoyed it on my previous run with a skill of 12, though some of the fights and skill tests in there make me wonder whether it really could be won with a lower skill. We roll the dice and… Skill 7 / Stamina 20 / Luck […]

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Tower of Destruction, Play 1 Part 5

December 25, 2020

Happy Christmas, solstice, Yule, and so on, all! I am celebrating with another night of Tower of Destruction. I have been going strong in my quest for revenge: exploring workshops and storehouses, freeing ghosts, and finding out that the wizard is very afraid of a sword inside the cathedral. The cathedral is locked, though, and […]

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Tower of Destruction, Play 1 Part 4

December 21, 2020

I’m still going strong no my quest to destroy the Tower of Destruction. I have explored the town a bit and I heard about a magic sword in the cathedral, so of course that’s my next stop. However, the door is locked and I need a crystal bird and book to open the door. So […]

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Tower of Destruction, Play 1 Part 3

December 17, 2020

Tonight we continue my playthrough of Tower of Destruction. Aliades the wizard was kind enough to give me healing potions and food for my journey north-east, where I intend to stop the Tower of Destruction from being completed. It’s a 40 kilometer walk across tundra, and then into the wizard’s Ice Castle… In the late […]

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