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Recent Adventures

Tower of Destruction, Play 1 Part 4

December 21, 2020

I’m still going strong no my quest to destroy the Tower of Destruction. I have explored the town a bit and I heard about a magic sword in the cathedral, so of course that’s my next stop. However, the door is locked and I need a crystal bird and book to open the door. So […]

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Tower of Destruction, Play 1 Part 3

December 17, 2020

Tonight we continue my playthrough of Tower of Destruction. Aliades the wizard was kind enough to give me healing potions and food for my journey north-east, where I intend to stop the Tower of Destruction from being completed. It’s a 40 kilometer walk across tundra, and then into the wizard’s Ice Castle… In the late […]

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Tower of Destruction, Play 1 Part 2

December 15, 2020

We continue my playthrough of Tower of Destruction. My stats are 12 / 23 / 11 but I’m down to 17 stamina at the moment from a few fights. I have made my way across the tundra and to the sphere. I’m not sure how to get revenge on a sphere, but I find a […]

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Tower of Destruction, Play 1 Part 1

December 14, 2020

Let’s start playing Tower of Destruction. The backstory is good old revenge: on my way back from market to my home in the frozen lands to the north, my home is destroyed by a flying sphere throwing balls of fire. Damn! The destruction is nearly complete, with only a few able-bodied people to take care […]

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Kitchens to chasms (part 3)

December 2, 2020

Part 3 of my first playthrough of The Chasms of Malice. I’ve been injured, and killed a lot of people, and basically bumbled my way around in the dark until the magic sword told me that I am nearing the big boss fight. I am totally not ready for this, as I’ve only killed 1 […]

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Kitchens to chasms (part 2)

December 1, 2020

Let’s continue the lovely rags to riches certain death story that is Chasms of Malice. Mission: Kill the king’s evil brother, Orghuz, but first his 7 lieutenants. Then bring back the magic shield because the kingdom is dependent on its supply of good luck in order to cope with life. Previously, I killed the first […]

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From the kitchens to the chasms (part 1)

November 30, 2020

Dear Fighting Fantasy, I never thought it could happen to me. I was a lackey in a kitchen, a third-assistant rabbit skinner. Then one day a wizard rushes in and grabs me by the wrist, dragging me right out the door. My boss screamed and hollered up a storm, but they threw a ouch of […]

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Kether is a rough place!

November 23, 2020

I tried my luck at Rings of Kether again. I kept the same crappy character with 8 Skill and 15 Stamina, because why not? This time I decided to go to the local cops, and enlist some help. The officer I met, though, was scared to talk in his own office, and had me meet […]

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Revisiting the Rings of Kether

November 22, 2020

I recently saw on a Facebook group, someone playing The Rings of Kether. That reminded me, that I’ve still not completed this one! I had a lot of it mapped out, had some fun times bumbling around and getting my butt kicked, and so on, but never beat the big baddie at the end. So, […]

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Highway to Hell

November 7, 2020

I just finished playing out Highway to Hell by Max Brallier. Damn, what a good book. An anti-hero. Good writing. Lots of well-done characters. Several different paths to varying degrees of victory. Good stuff.  

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Yeah, he got us

November 5, 2020

Following up on my previous post, in our playthrough of Vault of the Vampire. Our 12/24/12 and 14 had us steamroll our way through the castle. We got Siegfried’s shield and armor, holy water and a crucifix, and a silver-tipped stake to finish the job. We killed everything in our path, until Reiner Heydrich himself. […]

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Mustela vampiricus

November 3, 2020

For Halloween, the family and I sat down to play Vault of the Vampire, one of my favorite of the Fighting Fantasy series. This comes also, on the same day that I heard of the unfortunate death of Martin McKenna. It’s just coincidence, but it feels like the right way to celebrate Hallow e’en. After […]

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Still Dying in the Zombie Apocalypse

September 1, 2020

I’m still reading Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse by Max Brallier. This is some seriously good stuff. The writing is great, ranging from explicit gore and violence to irreverent snarkiness and mild sexual suggestion. My nameless character has survived a few times and died a lot more, in a variety of ways that I […]

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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse… Or Not

August 3, 2020

I’ve been enjoying Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? for the last few days. It’s well written, only slightly graphic, and a lot of fun. On my second playthrough I found The End where we find out that the whole zombie uprising was caused by … ooh, sorry, no spoilers. 🙂 And it’s been so […]

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Countdown to California: Walloped in Wellton

July 13, 2020

And my playthrough of Freeway Warrior 4: California Countdown comes to a tragic end. We got back from a scouting mission with a little bit of food and no water, but with a new person in tow. He’s full of information about the road ahead, though, so that’s great. He also knows about a well […]

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Countdown to California: Vision Quest

July 7, 2020

Today I continue Freeway Warrior 4: California Countdown I made my rendezvous with the convoy, and was met with some bad news: Kate is having a cholinergic syndrome from eating some bad mushrooms, I’m guessing Inocybes because they do look a lot like the little edible ones, and not at all A. muscaria because those […]

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Countdown to California: Leaving Tucson

July 1, 2020

I am as shocked as can be, that I finished book 3 in a single playthrough. Honest! No cheating, no checking ahead, just fair-n-square. Meaning, it’s time to start California Countdown: Freeway Warrior book 4. We made our way to Tucson, and aren’t at all surprised to find that it is not a peaceful paradise. […]

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Sabotage el la Ciudad, parte 4

June 26, 2020

Part 4 of my playthrough of Freeway Warrior 3: The Omega Zone. We were closing in on the convoy, but the combined biker-bandit gang was closing in on us. We were forced onto the wrong highway, and we wrecked our car to throw off pursuit. It seemed to work, but there’s a sniper on our […]

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Sabotage el la Ciudad, parte 3

June 25, 2020

We continue our playthrough of Freeway Warrior 3: The Omega Zone. Yesterday we joined the convoy’s intended route, and found signs that they got here and kept moving as planned. That’s good news all around. Still, they’re several hours ahead of us and we’ve been running on adrenaline for 24 hours now, and we stop […]

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Sabotage el la Ciudad, parte 2

June 22, 2020

In our last episode of Freeway Warrior 3: The Omega Zone, we succeeded in our our guerilla strike against the bandit stronghold at Ciudad Juarez, destroying their heavy weapons shipment while the residents of El Paso escaped in the confusion. We were pursued by several bikers for several miles, until we pulled off at a […]

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Sabotage en la Ciudad

June 13, 2020

Today we start the next Cal Phoenix adventure: Freeway Warrior, book 3: The Omega Zone. In book 1 we fled to Big Spring, but brought a gang of angry bandits with us, which ruined Big Spring so we had to flee again. In book 2 the Big Spring / Dallas joint colony made it to […]

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